Hi there! I'm a UX Designer & Researcher with 3+ years experience, currently working as a UX Researcher at Just Eat Takeaway while mentoring students new to the design field. I’m located in Amsterdam where I’ve worked for Uber, Nomads, DDB Unlimited and Digitas.

After a Masters in Digital Experience Design with distinction at Hyper Island (Manchester, UK), I have successfully completed my graduation internship at Uber as a UX Researcher. In the meantime, I was working on my thesis project about online collaboration for independent music producers.

In my daily work, I enjoy analysing behaviors, recognising patterns, and designing solutions for both existing and new products. I value close collaboration with people because I believe great design is based on good research and effective strategy.  I love to improve processes and generate new ideas.

People I've worked with describe me as a curious and empathetic human being, who brings passion and joy to every project.

Outside of work, I own a music label together with some friends. We release music on vinyl and organise events. I'm building an extensive record collection that I often like to play in radio shows and venues.

My experiences

Just Eat Takeaway
Junior UX Researcher
Uber, Amsterdam
UX Researcher
Graduation Internship
Digitas, Amsterdam
UX  / UI Designer
DDB Unlimited, Amsterdam
UX / UI Designer
UX Mentor
Service Designer

Books I'm reading

Learning is an ongoing process. I believe that curiosity is one of the most important prerequisites in design. Here are some books that have inspired me, and helped to shape the way I think as a designer.

I'm always happy to meet up for a coffee or to share more about myself and my work.


seb.malom@gmail.com+31 611130131